How it Works!

There is a lot of work to be done, however rest at ease knowing we are happy to do handle the heavy lifting though there are a few things we NEED from you to keep your project rolling.


Here is a summary of what we do for you.

Web Design.


Define the project scope & unique design elements that will set your website apart.


We take your vision and create the scaffolding for your project showing all the elements.


You provide us with all the written text and images that will appear on the site.

Style Guide

Establish typography , color palette, tone, imagery, and element styling that will be used.


We design the Protoype.

Web Development.


We review & assess the design provided to determine what technology is needed.


Our coders take your design and build your actual website using the prescribed technology..


We take all the written text and images that you provided and populate your site with it.


When your site is built, our team goes in to optimize it for fast loading times.


Congratulations! We launch your pixel perfect website!

Monthly Maintenance.


Analyze your website & requests to identify what monthly tasks need to be completed.


Technology is always evolving so we make sure that your site runs on all the latest versions.


If you had any changes or updates for the month, we go ahead and add or change the content.


We actively apply patches to any exploits that hackers have uncovered.


We backup the latest versions of your website to minimize dataloss in any unfortunate event that may happen.

Request a Feature or Open a Ticket

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