The no bullshit guide on how to migrate your clients WordPress site

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This is a common task here at Premio Solutions, especially once you have managed to monetize your client WordPress projects with recurring monthly revenue for things such as hosting, security, SEO, etc. This is a process that seems very daunting initially, but is actually pretty easy with a little guidance.

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Anybody looking for a professional and easy solution

Reasons why you would want to migrate a WordPress install could be:


    • You are moving a site from a development server (localhost) to a online hosting provider
    • Your client wishes to have you host their site on your hosting servers
    • The client might want an old copy of their website hosted as a sub-domain
    • You may no longer be satisfied with your current hosting provider


  • Access to Client WordPress Install
  • Backupbuddy – $85 (They are currently offering coupons for 25% – 30% off)
  • Access to DNS records
  • Cpanel access to the new hosting provider
  • FTP access to the new hosting provider
  • FTP Client (we use FileZilla)

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